Circular-Elliptical Multipurpose Table | Revit Family


This Revit family multipurpose table can be used as a coffee table, a side table, a sofa table or a high table. Change its dimensions to make it fit to your space and to create a complete set of tables that match your design language. Includes parameters to change the number of legs (for the circular version only), the visibility of the cross bars as well as all the dimensions.

  • Parametric: Yes
  • Hybrid*: No
  • Compatible with: Revit 2016 and higher.
  • Family type: Furniture
  • Materials/textures: Yes
  • Approximate file size (set): 0.56 MB
  • File format: .zip**


This Revit family multipurpose table (coffee table/side-end table) comes with the following customizable parameters and options:

Width, depth and height:

  • Minimum width: 1’3″
  • Maximum width: 6′
  • Minimum depth: 1’3″
  • Maximum depth: 6′
  • Minimum height: 1’2″
  • Maximum height: 4′

Table can be changed from circular to elliptical

Circular table can have either three or four legs. Elliptical table can only have 4 legs.

Bottom cross bars can be removed

Material parameters for:

  • Glass
  • Table

* Hybrid families combine native Revit objects with other 3D applications’ objects for a more organic and realistic look to the families. The objects coming from other 3D applications are configured to NOT have mesh lines (only outlines) and to display in black.

** All files are delivered in zip format. Before using your families, you will need to unzip the Revit file(s) (.rfa or .rvt) using a 3rd party software like Winzip or Peazip. Make sure to have a software to unzip files before purchasing 3D models.