Blackbee 3D is a company dedicated to simplifying and speeding up the work of architects and designers by offering the best and highest quality parametric Revit families and 3D models online that are ready to render and economically affordable.

With over 15 years of experience using architecture/design software (Revit, AutoCAD, 3D Max and Maya), as well as building custom content for companies, working on large architecture projects, and teaching in Universities in the US and Mexico, we strive to provide you with an amazing experience and the best products to become the number one source of high quality 3D models in the world.

BlackBee3D prides itself in providing the highest quality 3D models at an affordable price. Each 3D model is carefully designed and built to provide maximum flexibility and variations to suit your constantly changing project needs.

Our goal is to simplify the work of architects and designers so they can put all their time and effort in designing their projects as well as in exploring other design ideas, instead of building 3D models.

At Blackbee 3D, we look forward to being part of your projects.