Geometric Candles | Revit Family


Making your renders look realistic is very important, and this Revit Family set of geometric candles is certainly a great family to make that happen. The family comes with options to change its size of it as well as its shape (you can choose between 6 different geometric candles) to give more variations to your projects. Your renders will look stunning.

  • Parametric: Yes
  • Hybrid*: No
  • Compatible with: Revit 2016 and higher.
  • Family type: Generic Model Work Plane-Based
  • Materials/textures: No
  • Approximate file size (set): 0.60 MB
  • File format: .zip**


This Revit family set of geometric candles comes with the following customizable parameters and options:

This candle comes in six different shapes

Size of candle. The size is measured vertically and it includes the wick. The size is approximate:

  • Minimum size: 1″
  • Maximum size: 4′

Material parameters for:

  • Candle
  • Wick

* Hybrid families combine native Revit objects with other 3D applications’ objects for a more organic and realistic look to the families. The objects coming from other 3D applications are configured to NOT have mesh lines (only outlines) and to display in black.

** All files are delivered in zip format. Before using your families, you will need to unzip the Revit file(s) (.rfa or .rvt) using a 3rd party software like Winzip or Peazip. Make sure to have a software to unzip files before purchasing 3D models.