Defective Items Policy

Blackbee3D would like you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Unfortunately, given the nature of digital content, we cannot provide a refund or credit on any item purchase. All sales of items are final.

If you think an item that you purchased is defective, we will do our best to fix it and update the downloadable link in our website so you can re-download it from your Blackbee3D account.

Defective item claims must be made within 7 days of the purchase of the item.

An item is defective if:

  • its dimensions/visibility options cannot be changed within the listed dimension ranges/visibility settings in the Description section.
  • any part of the model is not connected to a material, whether it is a material parameter or a material in the Material Browser.
  • the zip file is corrupt and can’t be unzipped using either Winzip or Peazip
  • the download link is broken and the zip file cannot be downloaded at all.

An item IS NOT defective if:

  • your own intended use of an item is outside of the scope of its description in the Description section.
  • you have modified, altered or refined it in any way to suit your needs and it causes issues or breaks afterwards.
  • it doesn’t fit your project in terms of graphic standards, style, dimensions or client needs/likes
  • it wasn’t created following any of your personal, company or professional (AIA, NCIS, etc.) standards.
  • your version of the software is not listed in the main description section.
  • you cannot download it because of your firewall, browser’s restrictions/configuration, your operating system configuration or any other technical issue related to your own computer.
  • you cannot use the provided files because you don’t have a software to unzip files.
  • it does not work outside the description scope in the Description section.
  • any other parameters not listed in the Description section cause it to break
  • it is slow to regenerate (regardless of whether this is stated or not in the Description section) since some objects are highly detailed and require some time to compute all the parts.
  • the names that identify the parts/materials of the object are not technically correct
  • it specifically lists in the Description section that it has some limitations within the dimension ranges
  • due to its nature (hybrid families) it displays long lines in certain views/zoom levels. Usually these lines go away by zooming in/out or panning.


If you feel the item you purchased is defective, please email us at [email protected] and describe what the issue with the item is. We will reply with further instructions.